(Received from Spirit by L. Lobban)
June 2000

The purpose for the creation of this Society is to provide a focal point for those who wish to give a fresh impetus to those seeking the highest standards in all aspects of life and Spiritual awareness and teaching, along with scientific investigation. And in so doing, make the world populace aware that all mankind can have Spirit guidance and intercourse through their own belief system. They wished this, so that they could better influence the world to live harmoniously and peacefully together in love and understanding

At no time has this Society to be permitted, now or in the future, to become a radical movement involving itself in replacing, interfering or meddling in the business, in any shape or form, of any Organisation, Religion or Group.  Any person or persons discovered doing so would be deemed to have expelled themselves from the Society

That no individual or group to be excluded because of their Religion, Creed Colour or beliefs.  On the contrary every effort must be made to encourage people to find their own pathway to spiritual inspiration and communication within their own belief system.

That encouragement must be requested and not offered and must be in the form of moral support, education, training and any other ethical means which will not impinge or contravene another’s belief system

“Centres of Light” to be created where the highest forms of Spiritual Education can be obtained with special emphasis on a Philosophy of life based on a love of all people, of all Colours, Creeds and Religion.  A special emphasis to be placed on encouraging the indigenous native peoples of the earth to take their rightful place in the world and re-discover, practice and share their wonderful gifts of Spiritual awareness for the good of all mankind.

All we require from those who join us in this glorious adventure called “Summerland” is that they promise to serve loyally and faithfully the world of Spirit not forgetting that all things in your world is Spirit.  So therefore in taking this vow you are giving a promise that not only are you going to serve Spirit, but the whole of Humanity 

This promise we give, the means and the people will come.